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Commander Korrath

Name Korrath

Position Area Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6’4
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Korrath is tall and muscular, like the majority of his brethren. Initially, Korrath could be considered considerably intimidating, but having been a Starfleet Officer the majority of his life and lived on Earth, Kor isn't like the atypical Klingon. His hair his generally left long, but tied up to ensure it conforms with the current regulations. He has the big broad shoulders with the arms to match that is typical of his species.


Father Ambassador Torgah Klingon-Federation Ambassador Brother:
Mother Ursa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Korrath is not your atypical Klingon, as much as he hates to admit it. He was raised for the majority of his life on Earth, where his Father was forced to adjust his son's upbringing to ensure that his son was able to adapt to Human society. His Father was old, wise and had lost the Youthfulness traits of always hungering for battle. He still believed in honor and the importance within his culture, which he imparted to his son.

As such, Korrath grew up, with his share of incidents, suffering heavily from anger management issues. An issue that was resolved with his taking up martial arts. He studied the various Human forms as a youth and even taking lessons from his Father regarding the Klingon Martial Arts. By the time he was 15, Korraths anger issues were tempered by his new found hobby and he found conforming to Human rules much easier to stand.

When it was necessary, he had to travel back to Qo'noS, a place where he was ridiculed by the younger Klingons, although this soon stopped, when he demonstrated he was with honor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Korrath is an excellent strategist, having spent the majority of his studying Martial Arts, focusing on the subtle techniques of the movements. Along with his studies of the Martial Arts, Psychology was a vastly interesting subject to him, not one he could lay claim to be an expert on, but he understood body language, the use of psychology in diplomacy. Like most Klingons, Korrath believes strongly in loyalty and honor. He is fiercely loyal to those he serves with. Whilst for the majority of Klingon's, follow the dictates of Honor can cause problems, especially with a human/Starfleet Society, Korrath's father showed him there are ways to live with honor and not pick a fight wherever there seemed to be one.

Korrath knows that his temper can still be an issue, without the proper management. He also recognizes what his other flaws are and especially his lack of knowledge of medical knowledge.
Ambitions Having been raised slightly differently from his brethren, Korrath just wishes to excel in his given field and only move up to Command his own starship when he is ready.
Hobbies & Interests From a young age, Korrath developed a keen interest in Martial Arts, studying Kung Fu (namely Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun) and eventually the Klingon arts, including the use of a Bat'leth. Having studied the martial arts for over 20 years, Korrath has practically mastered them, but with daily workout rituals that include the practice of his martial arts skills.

Aside from that, Korrath has a keen interest in Psychology, History and xeno-linguistics, having taken additional language classes during his time at the Academy to include, Romulan, Dominionese and Cardassian. His Father always considered his choice of languages to learn very interesting, considering all 3 of the peoples that spoke the language had been enemies of the Federation and Klingons at some point in History.

Personal History Early Life
Korrath's early life began on Qo'noS however, that soon changed with his Father's ascension to become the Klingon Ambassador, he moved to Earth with his parents. Arrangements were made for him to attend Human School, which was disastrous in the first few years.

In a subsequent move to a different school he was fortunate enough to have a sympathetic teacher who began teaching him martial arts to curb his anger issues. The Martial Arts became a big part of his life, practicing for hours everyday after school and even at weekends. After the initial weeks of this training, his anger subsided, learning a lot about respect.

His life became a lot easier after that, he developed friendships and bonds with his school friends, as people actually liked him. He wasn't the perfect student, nor the most intelligent, but he worked hard, earning himself slightly better than average grades during his schooling and his abilities in the Martial Arts grew enormously, including learning the basic's of using a Bat'leth. By the time he was 17, he held Black Belts in Kung Fu disciplines of Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun, including being very proficient with a Bat'leth.

When he was 17, his Father assumed he would want to return to Qo'noS to join the Klingon Military Academy. In-fact, Korrath surprised his Father, asking him to assist him in gaining Entrance to Starfleet Academy. His Father agreed, pleased his son had chosen to be one of the few Klingons to become Starfleet Officers.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
His Father being a Diplomatic Ambassador, used his influence to gain his son access to the Academy Entrance Exam. He passed the exam in the top 25% of his group. The Academy Commandant had reservations about accepting Korrath and request a meeting with Korrath.

The Commandant agreed to allow Korrath entry into the Academy. His First Year was eye-opening, cultivating his interest Xeno-Linguistics.

His subsequent years at the Academy put Korrath into his element, focusing on his interest in the Security Division, learning the various Starfleet procedures involved and the tactical systems of starships and various other additional courses.

During his final days at the Academy, things with the Dominion began progressively getting worse, prompting Korrath to take additional courses regarding the Dominion.

USS Venture
At the end of his Academy days, Korrath was assigned to the Galaxy Class, USS Venture as a Security and Tactical Officer. The Venture was at the forefront of the action during the Dominion War, leading to 2 promotions in position and rank during his time on the Venture, By 2374 he was already a Lieutenant and served as the Chief Security and Tactical Officer. He received several commendations during his time on board the Venture, saving his Captain and First Officer's life on numerous occasions.

He saw much conflict during his time on the Venture, a conflict that as much as he enjoyed, he saw people that were his friends get hurt and even lost their lives. Initially, this had been a struggle for him, but after having discussions with people he respected, his Captain and the Executive Officer, he was much more able to handle these emotions.

At the end of the war, he spent another 5 years on the Venture on exploring the Gamma Quadrant. His Captain put him in for a transfer and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

New Bajor
His assignment to New Bajor was the most challenging of his career. He was assigned as a Starfleet Detachment to run Security on the Colony. The colony had over 138,000 members of its population, which resulted in quite a large Security team that was under him. He spent 5 years in this capacity, organising the Security forces effectively, organising rotas, different sections and effective team management.

At the end of 5 years, Korrath requested a transfer to serve at Starfleet Academy as an Instructor.

During his time on New Bajor, he was exposed to the Bajoran religion, learning as much as he could about it. The Klingon beliefs had always been rather strange to him as he never understood why without proof, people would willingly accept the existence of Gods, whereas the Bajoran had proof.

This learning experience made Korrath answer a lot of questions about himself and the kind of person he wanted to be.

Starfleet Academy
He spent 2 years at the Academy, teaching Martial Arts, Klingon & Romulan History and Xeno-Linguistics. Being a teacher taught him some valuable lessons about being an educator/teacher. In 2387 he was requested to rejoin the Fleet in a more active capacity.

Olympus Base
Korrath was assigned to the base newly founded in the Task Force 47 base of operations. Korrath arrived with a large contingent of Starfleet Security Personnel and helped set up the bases large security operations.

During his year tenure on the base, Korrath developed friendships and even became slightly protective the Stellar Cartographer, as he felt her abilities and kind and caring nature were being abused. Korrath rarely actually made friends, he preferred to stick to his job. The only place he had ever made friends was with his fellow Instructors at Starfleet Academy.

In truth, Korrath was disappointed when he received his transfer orders. But he knew that the more inexperienced needed to take up where he had left off.

The Round Table
Korrath was transferred to the Delta Quadrant, Starfleet's Area of Operations, nicknamed The Round Table as a Strategic Operations Officer, serving the Force as a whole, liaising and advising with the Task Force as a whole, analysing and assessing any and all risk. He worked in this role for several years, eventually receiving a promotion to Commander.

However, in 2395, Korrath never had time to prepare the Task Force for the Borg armada that destroyed all but a few of the remaining Starfleet and Federation citizens.