Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2019 @ 4:27am by

Station Executive Officer's personal log, stardate...," Brock paused for a moment. Things had happened so fast, he'd actually forgotten not only what time it was, but the actual day as well. "Screw it, computer please insert the present stardate and continue recording." As he said it, he continued to unpack some of his belongings from the UsS Farragut which was poised just outside the outer ring of landing platforms. While it would technically fit inside one of the towering starship dock superstructures, he opted to leave his ship abeam the station, rather than inside of it.

"It was with great reluctance I agreed to take on this position, but when the Admiral told me he was also to be stationed here, that put the icing on the cake. All I've ever wanted to do was to be around brilliant minds who lead brilliant plans, and I feel I absolutely hit paydirt by landing upon the doorstep of Robert Chadwick. He carries himself with a state of grace, poise and dignity that just captivates you from the moment he first smiles. Even when he's talking to a full theatre full of crew, he had a way of making everyone present feel like he was speaking directly to them. That kind of gift is rare, yet he possesses it in spades." He paused, allowing himself time to think what he might say next. "I don't know what the future holds for all of us on this new assignment, but I couldn't be more proud of the team I lead or of the person we are all responsible for shepherding from one corner of space to the other. I hope that relationship continues, even though I've been tasked with being the XO of this stationary starbase." As big as the base was, Danner could not help but feel a tad claustrophobic inside his quarters. Just as with the title of the Class for the starbase he now called "home," the quarters he'd been assigned were absolutely immense. Never before had he seen such space wasted on a single crew member. Hell, he'd never seen that level of space or opulence reserved for dignitaries, like members of the Federation council, Federation Ambassadors, or Starfleet Admiralty. Even with that feeling, he quickly knew he would easily be able to call this his "home away from home," that is, the place he hung his hat when not commanding the aforementioned USS Farragut hanging less than 10,000 kilometers off the side of the superstructure of the starbase, just itching to get its chance to warp back into some conflict her VIP guest was so adept at solving.

Choosing to focus on unpacking part of the belongings he brought with him, he closed the log, at least for the moment. He knew he'd revisit it at some point later in the day to finish what he'd started.