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First Impressions

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 11:48pm by Commodore Peter Gardner & Captain Senior Grade Lanniefelysa Merefica & Commander Senior Grade Korrath & Lieutenant Commander Kahla
Edited on on Sun May 26th, 2019 @ 1:30pm

Mission: The Soon After
Location: Multiple
Timeline: MD 1

The Ready Room was large, even by the standards of Starfleet. It allowed Peter to command his Area of Operations, as well as the station. Today, the large room easily accommodated Peter, his wife Lannie and the hulking Klingon. A Klingon in a Starfleet uniform was not as unheard of as it used to be, albeit it still came as quite s shock. Although Peter had inherited Korrath as part of his staff, he knew the Klingon very well, having worked with him during his entire tenure in the Delta Quadrant. Although Klingon's were still seen in Starfleet more, it still came as a shock when Peter came across Kahla, a Lieutenant Commander, formerly of the USS Takomoto, which had been one of the ships destroyed and she was currently a resident of Hospital 3, on the station. She had an interesting life, one that she less than thankful for, but she had worked her way up through Starfleet. Whatever had happened in the past, was in Peter's opinion in the past.

"What do you think," Peter began, pulling Kahla's personnel file across the border of the PAD he was reading from, so as to share it with the other two, "of Kahla." He finished.

Lannie brought the PAD closer to her face, scrutinising the Officer personnel file carefully. She could tell, through the telepathic link, she shared with her husband that he had already decided he wanted Kahla as his Security and Tactical Officer and in the corner of her eye, she saw him smirking as she probed their link. She ignored him and carried out reading. When she had finished, she nodded at her husband. They both turned to look at Korrath, who had tensed up and was clearly annoyed.

Without her link to Peter, she would've been taken by surprise by Korrath's sudden anger, but she had understood very quickly. Peter was not surprised, although he had hoped that Korrath had decided to be more Starfleet than Klingon at this moment, but he understood. "Out with it, Commander," Peter said, attempting to hide the note of humour in his voice.

Korrath's nostrils flared as he sat the PAD down on the chair beside him. "This Klingon has been dishonoured, not only her by Father's name, but by her own actions by seeking the safety of the Federation rather than by facing her enemies," Korrath said, more loudly than he would've of done had he of been calm.

"Firstly Kor, she was brought into dishonour by her Father's actions. Now I know in Klingon culture that automatically places dishonour upon his entire family, but that is not the way of the Federation. Second, do you know what she was punished for? She was punished for something that would've earned her a commendation in Starfleet. Third, if she had returned to Qo'noS, she would've been put to Death. I see no honour in that. What she did, is have the courage to face further dishonour to stand up and tell the truth, at least that's what I think."

Korrath's anger had subsided before Peter had got halfway through. He knew, deep down that a lot of his people's ways were ancient and weren't in keeping anymore with the rest of the Galaxy, backwards even. And despite the fact that Korrath was not a typical Klingon. He had been raised on Earth, he knew Earth's culture better than he knew his own. "I apologise, Commodore, you are right. I was judging her as my Father would have." Korrath answered, remorsefully.

Peter offered a friendly smile to the Klingon. "We are all fallible my friend. But that being said, I'd like you to go and meet her." Peter stated. "I want you to be sure about her." He finished.

Korrath was surprised, but he didn't let it show for long. He stood up. "I'll go and see her now."

It wasn't difficult to find Kahla if Korrath were to follow the menacing noise of growling that led him inside the medbay, where the Klingon woman -- seated on a bed and looking very at odds with the slim and sleek StarFleet decor surrounding her -- was currently being overseen by one of the junior medical staff, the short youthful woman flushed and frustrated as she attempted to examine the scar over Kahla's face, which the Klingon rebuffed.

"Touch it again, human," the warrior rumbled ominously, the threat left unspoken as she shot her gaze to the doors and Korrath, then snorted with surprise and hopped from the bed. The young attendant chose that moment to scurry away. "nuqneH," Kahla said gruffly.

"That was impolite." Korrath's voice was deep and full of rebuke, as he approached the the female Klingon.

Kahla grunted at that, as much of an apology as he was likely to get. Smoothing a hand down the front of her uniform, as to remind herself quietly of something, she then approached him, gaze sizing up the male critically. "I did not expect to find another Klingon. I am Kahla."

“I know.” Korrath replied, his voice still deep, full rebuke and disapproving. “The Commodore is considering you,” Korrath began,” for the position of Chief Security and Tactical Officer, a member of his senior staff. Behaving as you did does not me confident in his consideration.”

Kahla lifted her chin and stared him down, now her own tone raised in rebuke. "The human would not listen." Other words followed, grumbled too low for Korrath to hear as Kahla realized how petulant that sounded. With another gruff growl and shrug of a shoulder, she choked out a rough, "I am -- sorry."

Korrath’s eyes narrowed. “You are a Starfleet Officer.” He said slowly and carefully. “You leave the Klingon pride at the airlock. Am I understood?” Korrath asked, a lighter tone to his voice.

Kahla's own eyes narrowed at him briefly, before the woman visibly relaxed and answered with, "jlyaj. I understand." Then returning to scrutinizing him, she mentioned pointedly, "You have not said who you are."

Korrath eyes narrowed briefly at the female in front of him but it quickly passed. "I am Commander Korrath. I am the Area Strategic Operations Officer. Commodore Gardner has asked me to assess whether you are suitable to be on his Senior Staff. What do you think?" He asked, his tone normalising.

"That is the question I should ask you, Commander," Kahla answered, "since it is your judgement the Commodore seeks." With an abrupt grin of sharp teeth to mask the weariness now set in her gaze, Kahla motioned toward the doors. "Is there somewhere here with bloodwine?" It was an obvious invitation for them to talk over the much-loved beverage, and despite her earlier surprise at another Klingon aboard, Kahla now seemed eager for his company, a chance to reconnect with all that she had lost.

The forwardness took him by surprise. He had forgotten how eager his people could be. By any definition, Korrath would be described as reserved and he had noticed that often other species would have a certain deference not only his rank but his race. Kahla was clearly not put off by either. Whilst it was a welcome reprive from the typical, it still made him uncomfortable, not to mention the last time he drank blood wine on the Station, a foolish Human tried to match him and ended up in sickbay. Although, he had earned Korrath's respect. He looked at the timepiece on the wall, displaying the time. He was off duty in five minutes but this also killed two birds with one stone, he would get to be part of his own culture and vet this woman. "My quarters." He said. He had been ferrying blood wine to Diogara Station, the entire time he had been stationed here. He had kept a large stockpile and he was glad he had, because otherwise there was no telling when he would've been able to have bloodwine.


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